Kick the Robot Dog Print

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This piece was inspired by the Boston Dynamics ‘dog’ robots and the early videos they would release of people trying to kick them over. The both terrifying and endearing quality of those robots fascinated me. This painting captures that push and pull in our relationship with technology. On one hand it’s our best friend and helps us in so many ways. On the other it can consume us and one day even turn on us.

This art print is personally signed by the artist on the back and printed on high quality 300 gsm archival paper.

The print dimensions are the exact size of the artwork with no border. It will fit perfectly in a 210x210mm frame or in a larger frame with an appropriately sized matte.

The framed image is for reference purposes only, the frame is not included with this print. If you would like to inquire about purchasing a framed print please contact me.


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